You wake up one day and realise you’ve acted out being the victim, poured your pain and being out to the ‘welfareist’ and become abused by the class that claims to be the saviours of social justice …

You think, ‘fuck it’, I’ll show them Wolves what it means to be a ‘critical thinker’, a doer, a person of intent … I’ll grow hydroponic “tomato plants” and challenge the common census of so called ‘desistance’, desisting the theoryilogical bullshit spouted by academics, practitioners and pseudo charities (includes many well financed large organisations), and become what they say I’ll become! However, the narrative would be different, the story would blame them fucking horrible cheating slinky bastards. It would be thier fault and not the cage they claimed existed to keep us in … (I’ll continue this thread and edition later, I’m gritting in the morning, must go to bed …)

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